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Help gypsum grinding machine remain steady output 2018-07-16 16:45

Here are some tips on gypsum ultra fine grinding mill operation.
The amount of feeding and the processing of grinding chamber have a great influence on its efficiency. Pay close attention to the loading capacity of gypsum ultra fine grinding equipment, it can neither be too much nor too little. When the amount of feed is too small, the output value will be reduced and the production value will not go up.
Secondly, in the grinding process of the ultra fine grinder, we should also make proper proportion with the motor power. The ratio between production power and mill operation should be appropriate. If the power is too small, the dispersion of the material is poor, the motion resistance of the grinding body is increased, and the grinding effect can not be reached. Conversely, the power is too small to indirectly increase the direct contact between the abrasive bodies, thus losing energy and increasing the attrition of the abrasive bodies.
At the same time, the liner is a safety factor that can improve the running of the mill. In the process of grinding, it is unavoidable to mix the hard material. If the material is too hard, then it is a kind of harm to the mill itself. When it is serious, it will affect the life wear loss of the mill itself.
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