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Who is the Culprit of Unsatisfactory Powder Particle Size? 2018-05-16 16:39

The powder particle size is an important standard that being used in checking whether the mica pulverizer machine is in good quality. This is also a main concern of customers. Then what will affect the powder fineness?
In order to achieve the high capacity, it is necessary to make sure that every part of the mica pulverizer is in good condition. Now, let us look at the major parts of the equipment. And analyzing how they affect the powder particle size.
The first is rotate speed of the blower. It is well-known that the powder fineness of the inputting material cannot be uniform at the same time. Therefor, over-strong wind will blow some material which does not reach the fineness demand into the powder collector. How can we do to solve this problem? Well, regulating the current of the electric motor can be a practical way. In addition, the rotate speed of the main body. The reason is the same as the former one.
The second is the wear of analytical engine’s blade. When the period of use becomes longer, the blade will show the signs of wear. This will exert impact on the classification efficiency.
And the wear of the grinding roller and ring also matters. Because of the large working load, the grinding roller and ring will wear after a period. 
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