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Adjusting device and safety appliance of jaw crusher 2018-06-30 14:59

Today, our focuses are the adjusting device and safety appliance of jaw crusher.
Let’s pay attention to the former one at first. What is the adjusting device of this equipment? In simple terms, this device is used to adjust the mill’s discharge gate. The increasing running time of jaw crusher will cause the more serious wear of its bracket. This means that the discharge gate will become greater in size, thus lead to the coarser powder size. As for this situation, the adjusting device is required. Some people may ask that whether this device is needed for the initial stage of working. The answer is yes. This device is not only designed to make compensation for the gate wear problem, but also for meet the requirement of different powder size.
The safety appliance is designed to avoid the damage of the machine parts when the unexpected material drops into the machine. The bracket is one of the most common safety devices. It is widely used because of its convenience and good price. However, the simple design of this device may cause the abrupt stopping of the whole machine even if the other parts work well.
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