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Removing impurities from micro stone pulverizer 2018-07-05 16:54

For the use of micro stone pulverizer, removing impurities is an important operation in the maintenance process. It has a great influence on the service life and efficiency of the equipment. Here we are to introduce the process, harm and cleaning method of the impurity.
Because the material of the micro stone pulverizer is usually made of metal compounds, it would produce metal chips or wear products in the process of work. These products are collectively referred to as mechanical impurities with dust and soil.
The presence of impurities will reduce the working efficiency of the ultra fine grinding machine and shorten its service life, so it is necessary to clean it. In addition, excessive impurities will also affect the lubricating oil. If the impurity enters the equipment and the lubricant is mixed together, the lubricant will be deteriorated.
In accordance with the guidance of the technical personnel of the superfine grinding machine manufacturers, we should first find the source of the entry of impurities, and then use some high quality supporting parts or grease to block them. Secondly, the parts that are easy to get into impurities should be regularly checked and cleaned up, and new lubricants should be added to the bearings after thorough cleaning.
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